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Want expert sports betting strategy tips? How about industry insider guests and exclusive picks and plays? Spoiler alert: This week’s episode of Wise Kracks has them all.

Bill Krackomberger has been a professional sports bettor for 25 years and today he’s giving you a crash course on a very important sports betting strategy concept: Buying points on the spread.
It’s a true deep-dive discussion that explores what to do, what not to do, and most importantly, exactly how to do it.
Krack explains how to buy points on the spread using legal sports betting apps, and how to compare prices from sportsbook to sportsbook to find the best price. He also goes into detail about key numbers and how they factor into moving the line on football point spreads.
Next up is an interview with David Bearman. He’s the sports betting editor for media giant ESPN and he’s got his finger on the pulse of US sports betting like few others. Bearman talks about what it’s been like covering sports betting during the pandemic, and what he thinks the next few months have in store for us with the return of pro sports. Bearman also goes into detail on a story ESPN ran this week about a sportsbook glitch in Las Vegas that allowed bettors to cash in to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Finally, Krack hits us with a special NFL futures pick that you can use to bet right now.
To wrap up the show, Krack and Rosalie answer questions from viewers on sports betting strategy. Leave us your questions in the comments on this video or tweet them directly at WSN, Rosalie Michaels, or Bill Krackomberger and you might get it answered on next week’s show.
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