Who Killed This Major Game of Thrones Character? Cenk and Ben's Bet Adjudicated!

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36 respostas em “Who Killed This Major Game of Thrones Character? Cenk and Ben's Bet Adjudicated!”

I still don't know how Goffrey was killed, I mean I know how the poison got to the wedding (hidden in the necklace) but how did it get from the necklace into Goffreys mouth ? 

I'd give the overall victory to Ben, because Cenk makes far too many misguided side-predictions and tiny sub-guesses, as if trying to assure he was right about at least some part of it. ("I was only 3/4 wrong!" was hilarious)
I don't see how there can be any doubt left that the Queen of Thorns did the deed, and Littlefinger provided her with the opportunity (sending the necklace to Sansa). Their deal was that Sansa would take the fall, but LF smuggled Sansa away without the Tyrells knowing.
On Shae, although there are significant differences between the books and the show, she clearly wasn't on Tyrion's side (any more). So Ben wins either way.

It would be fun doing Seasons 1 and 2 in the upcoming months. Knowing everything beforehand makes for great discussion about character motivations, hidden subtleties that become majorly obvious on the second watch, etc.

Hahaha this was brilliant!! Can't wait for next season and the next set of tyt discussions. Benny Mank is MANDATORY for the panel. I love him!

It was obviously Varys or Littlefinger. Varys is a eunuch and the spymaster. Traditionally, this role also assumes the profession of poisoner.

Littlefinger is in very much the same position.

I think it'd be cool if you guys could somehow review seasons 1-3. Maybe a few episodes each video? I'm not really sure how it could work…but it could work! I just miss all of you guys reviewing GOT almost as much as I miss GOT itself. I can't believe we have to wait to so long for the next season 🙁 cries  

OMG enough with Game of Thrones already. Seriously I watched the first 3 episodes and I was bored to tears. Why does anyone like this show?

By the way Cenk TOTALLY nailed a prediction about Tywin and his children in the discussion of the "Kissed by Fire" episode in Season 3!!

I've been rewatching from the beginning.. much more interesting second time round, especially since I've been watching Littlefinger a lot closer this time!

Here, let me make a suggestion guys.. how about you guys rewatch, knowing what we know now and post those discussions while we wait for the new season?

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